The focus of our research is to understand multiple aspects of lung biology and inflammatory lung diseases. Broadly, the research employs murine models of pathogens- and toxicant-induced inflammation. Using these models of lung inflammation, the research aims to understand the roles of macrophages in the orchestration of inflammatory responses. Unlike traditional view, emerging evidences suggest… Continue Reading →

Radha Yadav

  Radha Yadav (Postdoctoral Fellow) Radha completed her Bachelors of Science (BS) and Masters of Science (MS) in Biotechnology from Kurukshetra University (India). Subsequently, she received her PhD from ICAR- National Dairy Research Institute (India) in 2018. She has experience in working with oxidative stress and inflammatory disease models in rodents. Major focus: Her present focus… Continue Reading →

Ishita Choudhary

Ishita Choudhary (Graduate Student) Ishita did her Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) from Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University (India). Major focus: Her present focus is to explore the role of myeloid cells in muco-obstructive lung diseases. Publications: Ablation of IL-33 suppresses Th2 responses but is accompanied by sustained mucus obstruction in the Scnn1b transgenic mouse model (2020)…. Continue Reading →

Career Development

Trainees in the laboratory are expected to be motivated and self-derived to progress their research careers. Trainees are encouraged to participate in following activities during their training in the laboratory. Complete following training: Ethics in research, Good lab Practice (GLP), Animal care and use Present research at Local Venues (Phi Zeta, Annual Retreat, and Lunch… Continue Reading →

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